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Company Profile

ISRAEL DREAM TOURS' Avi Dobuler is in a unique position to make your Israel Trip the BEST trip in your life !!!
Avi is an alumnus of Lawrence High School '67 & Adelphi University ('71 & '73.)
Avi is an American born Israeli with a connection to Israel since just before the Six Day War of 1967 who knows Israel like an Israeli.
Avi's love of people, his ability to get along well and establish instant warm relationships with people of all backgrounds and ages is legendary.

Avi is like Hertz and Avis together. He is "number one" in his field and always "tries harder" to be better.
Avi's tours are never alike. They are constructed to satisfy the needs and dreams of each group.
Avi's knowledge is a unique combination of long years of study, endless learning and years of experience. As a Jewish activist from his teen years, he has met with the leading figures of Israel and world Judaism, Gedolei HaDor, Prime Ministers, Cabinet ministers, Generals and others who have helped him formulate a unique insight.

Avi has guided-
*Individuals, *Families, *Groups, Bar/Bat Mitzvah Groups,
*Schools, Yeshivas, Seminaries
*VIPS, Top Professionals & Businessmen, *Journalists, *Celebrities and Stars, *Senior Citizens, *Handicapped

Avi has guided and is a free lancer for the following companies and organizations- *UJA, *Ministry of Foreign Affairs VIP Guides,
*Ministry of Tourism VIP Guides, *Emunah Women,
*Hineni, *The OU Israel Center

Avi has guided for the following yeshivas-
*Sha'arey Mevasseret Zion, *Neve Yerushalayim, *Michlelet Esther, *Bnot Chayil, *Ohr Sameach, *Heritage House, *Jeff Seidel's Student Information Center, *Midreshet Rachel, *Midreshet Moriah, *Machon Gold, *Shearim, *Nishma'at, *Ohr Yerushalayim, *Sha'arei Yerushalayim

Avi guided Holocaust Survivor Groups like the Cracow Society and the Syrian Jewish Communities of Brooklyn and Deale. His clients come from all over the English Speaking world. Oh yes, Avi also guides in Hebrew. Avi has guided in Hebrew- the Agudas Teachers of Beis Yakov, the different yeshivas of Beit El, Beit El's Senior Citizens Group.

Avi, as a free lance, has guided for Protexia Plus, Modi'in Tours, Ophir Tours, Tova Gilead, Perfect Travel, Temasa Tours, International, Gate 1.

Avi has a wide repertoire of hundreds of tours to satisfy everyone- the first time Israel tourists, veteran Israel visitors, the active, the handicapped, Bnei Torah, people in search of their roots, archaeology aficionados, nature lovers, historians and amateur military strategists.

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Topguide Avi Dobuler
Yishuv Beit El "B",
POBox 1085
D.N. East Benjamin 90628
Phone: 02-9975425
Fax: 02-9975421